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dance bag?

What should I keep in my

If you're spending a lot of time at the studio, it's important to know what items should be kept in your dance bag. Here are some helpful suggestions!

  • ALL of your dance shoes

    • If you take multiple styles of dance, keep all of your different shoes in your bag. You never know when you may need them!

  • Extra dance clothing

    • Keep an extra leotard, pair of tights, etc.

  • Band aids

    • Dancers are prone to get blisters and floor burns!

  • Theraband

    • Theraband exercises are cruicial for a dancer's technique and strength. Keep a band in your bag to use inbetween classes, or even during class when instructed to do so!

  • Hair care items

    • Hair pins, hair ties, hairspray or gel, hairbrush, etc.

  • Water bottle

    • Hydration is vital!

  • Snacks

    • Some days our bodies need extra fuel, or maybe we didn't have time to eat before coming to the studio. Keep non-perishable food in your dance bag in case of emergencies

pointe shoe bag?

What should I keep in my

Congratulations! You're dancing en pointe. Here are items that should be kept in your mesh pointe shoe bag.

  • Pointe shoes

  • Toe pads

    • Keep your toe pads or lambs wool in your bag

  • Sewing kit

    • Needle and thread, small scissors, lighter

  • Injury care/prevention

    • Band aids, liquid band aids, "second skin," athletic tape. Whatever works for you! Keep it at all times

  • Theraband

    • Theraband exercises are cruicial for en pointe dancers

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